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Chris Cayden


Championships & Accomplishments:

UPW Legacy Champion,

2023 UPW Wrestler of the Year,

2 X UPW World Heavyweight Champion,

UPW 2022 & 2023 Pay Window Invitational Winner,

UPW Rochester Rumble 2022 Winner,

FCWA Tag Team Champion,

UPW Tag Team Champion (x6),

KDW Tag Team Champion (Final),

KDW Heavyweight Champion,

KDW 1st Dustytaker Invitational Champion



Ring Name(s): Chris Cayden

Billed Height: 5'7"

Billed Weight: 205lbs

Billed From: 585 by way of 718​

Debut: July 2001

Finishing Moves:

"Understatement" (Snap Swinging Neckbreaker)

"Major Understatement" (Swinging Vertical Suplex)

"TOTAL Understatement" (Jumping Rolling Cutter)

Signature Moves:

"Plot Twist" (Hammerlock twisted into short arm clothesline)

"D-Train" (Forearm, European Uppercut, Running High Knee to Opponent in Corner)

"I Hate Your Face" (Discus Clothesline)


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