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Xander Lee Mickey and ME have had words with each other for a while now! While on the road at an event in Deer Park, Long Island both were scheduled to appear at. Xander Lee and ME got into a heated confrontation. Xander Lee took it upon himself to attack ME as he turned his back to walk away.

24 hours later ME was able to win the Number 1 contendership for the FCWA Heavyweight Championship at March Meltdown! Xander again attacked ME from behind after the match was over, laying him out, and stealing his Brutality Title, only to throw it in the trash later in the evening. Has Xander Lee made this feud more personal?!?!?!

Now at Mall-A-Mania will Xander Lee remain the FCWA Heavyweight Champ or will ME take that next step and become the new FCWA Heavyweight Champ?!?!?

Buck Bailey and Wayne Westwood have begun to develop a great disdain for one another. It all boiled up during the FCWA Heavyweight Championship Number One contendership battle royal during March Meltdown - Buck looking like he was about to take over and gain the right to go after the title he once possessed! Westwood would sneak up and throw him out ending any belief! Then actually getting tossed out himself seconds after. Buck and Wayne have chosen teams to face off against one another! Wayne Westwood has chosen the UPW Tag Team Champions: Troy Cooper and Matt Lawson - AMERICAN STRONG STYLE! Buck Bailey has chosen new comers Dominni and "The Sweet Tooth Tiger" Stripe Baker! Who will come out victorious!?!?! Come out April 19th and find out! 

FCWA Tag Champions Dangerous Game have a lot on their plate! Former Tag Team Champions MONOLITH are looking to regain the championship! Los Mas Sueltos returns and do not forget the history they have with MONOLITH! Then you have Da Latin Soldier and Enel: Fuerza En Los Numeros who have been a thorn in the side of LMS for months....because they are trying to open their eyes to the way! Who will walk out with the belts on April 19th at the Greece Ridge Mall!!!!

More Matches to be announced!

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