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These 2 teams were scheduled to meet in January but due to the severe weather were not able to. Dangerous Game has made it clear they don't want the opportunity lost, and MONOLITH doesn't care who is next to run through.

So at #MarchMeltdown MONOLITH will defend the FCWA Tag Team Titles against Dangerous Game!

These 2 ladies were scheduled to meet in January as well but due to the severe weather were not able to. Marie has made it clear to management she wants this match, so management has booked it! #MarchMeltdown Adrianna Fury defends against Marie Val Domina!

For the end of 2023 to now, JC Money and Chris Cayden have went at it. Now at #MarchMeltdown these two will fight until only one is left standing and it will be for the UPW Legacy Championship!

The UPW World Heavyweight Champion "Hot Stuff" Shayne Stetson will be in ACTION!

Xander Lee Mickey with The Colonel defends his FCWA Heavyweight Championship in his second title defense against "Mr. Ass Cheeks" Milliman

Vizion since his return has targeted Lance Callahan. These two men have been at each other's throat. At #MarchMeltdown they settle it once and for all NO HOLDS BARRED!

Victor Lord defends his newly won UPW No Limits Championship against the returning All Go No Quit Champion RYSK!!!

The Number One Contendership for the FCWA Heavyweight Championship is on the line. As the students of the FCWA battle it out in a good ole Battle Royale!!! 

Can the UPW Tag Team Champions American Strong Style continue there reign or does the debuting Luca Mancini and M.I.T. aka The Think Tank uncrown them?!?!?

"Mr. OVW. The Rican Sensation" Maximo Suave returns to UPW and will be in ACTION!!!!

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