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Since Mall-A-Mania; Dom Gotti has made it known he just needs only himself. Turning on his partner; now Stripe Baker wants to get him some revenge! 

So at Slammin' In Hamlin itll be "The Sweet Toothed Tiger" going on on one with "The Kingpin!"

This match is sponsored by the great folks at Northen Fabricators and P&J Corp

After ME was finally able to capture the #FlowerCityWrestlingAcademy Heavyweight Championship at #AnniversaryAnarchyXXI
Samson Alexander ESQ has already made his claim and put in a written document that he will be the one and only challenger ME has.....because the title is coming with him!

This match is sponsored by the great folks at Ghost and Darkness and Rochester Area Junior Roller Derby

After what transpired at #AnniversaryAnarchyXXI McCrank and Diego Lopez must settle their differences finally and what better way then in a brawl......A BEACH BRAWL!!!!!

This match is sponsored by the great folks at Donuts Delite and 

Fantauzzo Acupuncture

The team of Troy Cooper and Matt Lawson: American Strong Style are looking to the future now that they were successful at Anniversary Anarchy XXI
First up vying for the tag team championship is someone they know very well in "Big Bad" Buck Bailey and ummmm Wayne Westwood⁉️⁉️⁉️

This match is sponsored by 
Hammergirl Anime & Ultra Cut Lawn Service

After Chris Cayden was successful in retaining the Legacy Championship
A new opponent has stepped up!
In one of the most surprising events at Anniversary Anarchy XXI, Frank Burlington has turned on his friends, on his fans, and has a title in his eyes!!!! Can Burlington reclaim the Legacy Championship or does Cayden keep it going!?!?!?

This match is sponsored by the lovely people at
Salvatores Pizza and Salvatores Saloon

At Slammin In Hamlin the FCWA Tag Team Championships will be on the line as Dangerous Game look to defend against a formidable team in the debuting Wayward!

This match is sponsored by
 CUWC1063 & HeroVillian

At Slammin In Hamlin' it's going to be a four-way to find out who is the number one contender for the No Limits Championship
At Anniversary Anarchy XXI Jake Payne, Da Latin Soldier, and Milliman were all successful in their respected match ups! Victor Lord came up on the losing end but was granted a rematch in his contract!

Yet he has always been one to earn his spot; so here we go!

This match is sponsored by
Suburban Propane

Raymond Rysk was able to slide out with the victory at Anniversary Anarchy XXI and become the new No Limits Champion, but there isn't any time to celebrate as Vizion has decided to step up!
As soon as the announcement was set to be made, upper management received a message from Lance Callahan!

Lance stated that "If Vizion is in, then I want in!"

This match is sponsored by

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