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Flower City Wrestling Academy

Our Values

  • Safety: The number one rule in our wrestling school is safety. We understand that professional wrestling can be extremely dangerous, but the staff at FCWA do everything in their power to help minimize the risk of injury while maximizing the rewards of learning

  • Respect: Everyone training at FCWA is expected to respect not only their trainer, but also their peers. Professional wrestling is built on the foundation of respect to your fellow workers, the fans, and the business that gives us this opportunity.

  • Fun: At FCWA what we strive to do is create a FUN learning environment, but we never sacrifice safety for fun. 


Meet Our Trainer

The head trainer is Chris Cayden.

He started his journey in professional wrestling in 2001. He has trained all around and in various aspects; ranging from hard hitting strong style to Lucha Libre. Chris' strongest suit is the fact he is an entertainer. Not only will he help you develop a move set but he will help you create and establish a character!

He has held many titles in countless promotions spanning all over the United States; he has wrestled in 16 different states as well as Canada. Has been booked multiple times in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. 

He believes in Being Snug, Staying Safe and Always Strong!

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